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We’re so proud of the article that Unleash Organics’ scientist — Tracy Letain, Microbiologist/PhD — wrote for HortiDaily.com about using Unleash Root Inoculant to manager Carbon Sequestration!


Below is a full link to the article and an excerpt:

Link to full story on HortiDaily.com: https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9384897/root-innoculant-to-minimize-agriculture-s-carbon-emission/


“The grower found that Unleash treatment decreased plant fatality, with 7.2% Unleash-treated  plants killed vs 42% Competitor A-treated plants killed, resulting in a 60% decrease in Crown  Blight fatality such that replanting would not need to occur in the Unleash-treated fields (Fig.  5). Additionally, the grower found a significant improvement in the soil structure around the  Unleash-treated melon plant roots with much less overall compaction, allowing the plants to  thrive. This soil structure improvement was a direct result of localized pH changes around the  plant roots created by the Unleash microbes carrying out anaerobic / microaerophilic metabolic  activities, minimizing CO2 release. These changes create conditions that encourage soil C to  remain sequestered. “


Please contact us with any questions about using Unleash Root Inoculant  on your farm! We’re happy to help!

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