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root inoculant

Unleash Root Inoculant and Biostimulant contains a proprietary blend of beneficial plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR).


Works equally well in soil, soilless and hydroponic growing media, and it promotes higher yields by:


  • Unlocking Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Micronutrients
  • Increasing Nutrient Availability for healthier and stronger plants
  • Improving Resistance to Abiotic Stress

Unleash root inoculant

Our Microbial Root Inoculant and Biostimulant will unleash your plant’s optimal growth potential!


For over ten years, Unleash Organics’ root inoculant has enabled farmers to unleash the full potential of their nutrient program by combining proven methods with cutting-edge growing technology .

“We love the simplicity of this product but also the power of this product as it Unleashes our root zone for our plants to maximize their potential”

Jim and Jennie L

207 Bonnie N Clyde Cultivators, Maine

I did a control test on 35 of my plants and found out that the buds were thicker and heavier. We had less air buds and the flowering time was cut down, meaning the plants matured more rapidly. Until now, I felt that my compost tea is so perfect. However to my excitement with Unleash, I got over 25 percent increase in weight, which translates into significant more product.


Private Grower, Salinas, California

Very happy with Unleash Root Inoculant. Seeing a large increase in cannabinoids throughout two varieties of hemp. One hemp variety increased from 4% CBD to 8%, one variety from 8% up to 14-16%.

Reagan Bush

Greenhouse Manager, Zapata Hemp Gold

Why Use Unleash Root Inoculant and Biostimulant?

Promotes Nutrient Availability

Unleash root inoculant acts as a biostimulant, making nutrients available to plant roots in order to maximize its growth potential.

The Rhizosphere microbes in Unleash are able to digest fertilizers, making it easier for nutrients to be absorbed through the plant’s roots and allowing the plant to focus its energy on growing.

Prevents Root Burn

Root burn is a common problem for plants that requires a large amount of nutrients to obtain higher yields.

Unleash microbes digest nitrogen, phosphorous, and micronutrient fertilizers separating them from the attached salts that cause the root burn.

Many farmers have noted that adding our root inoculant to their current nutrient program assists in the chemical conversion of nitrogen and other nutrients into the form most desired by the plant.

This results in an easier uptake by the plant’s roots.

Eliminates Transplant Shock

A plant’s relationship with its local environment begins with the microbes that live on the roots and digest nutrients for the plant.

When you transplant, this microbe colonization of the plant roots is severely disrupted and has to be rebuilt before the plant can efficiently obtain nutrients.

With Unleash root inoculant’s microbes already present on the root system prior to transplant, the plants will be able to resume developing immediately after transplanting with no time lost.

Get rid of the hardships, inefficiencies, and lost growth time of transplanting with our root inoculant.

Promote Mycorrhizae Activity

Just like plants, mycorrhizae need help from rhizosphere microbes to get the nutrients they need to colonize and extend the plant root system.

Our microbes maximize mycorrhizae growth and ensure that the plant has a healthy and protected rhizosphere.

Works with Fertilizers, Compost Tea & Other Additives

Unleash root inoculant can be easily incorporated into your existing system with no complicated changes. In fact, our root inoculant works well with many other additives, and oftentimes enhances and improves the impact that your current additives have on your plant’s growth potential.

Works with Soil, Hydroponics, and Soilless Soil Media

Our root inoculant has been tested and shown to work with a large variety of grow systems. Unleash microbes will colonize the plant roots and immediately begin protecting and providing nutrients to the plant regardless of the system used.

The Biostimulant Technology Edge

root inoculant and biostimulant

Plants have a built-in “optimal” ability for healthy growth and high yield production. However, plants can fall short of optimal ability for some of the following reasons:


—  Insufficient nutrient uptake which can damage yields long before your plants start to produce crops


—  Biological stress such as pests or disease;


—  Abiotic stress such as root burn and drought. Using Unleash Root Inoculant can help prevent problems before they start by protecting against these challenges. See the science behind Unleash.


It takes a rigorous manufacturing process to achieve a stable mixture of plant growth-promoting rhizosphere (PGPR) microbes. One unique benefit of Unleash Root Inoculant and Biostimulant is our manufacturing process. It captures the wide range of essential microbial activities responsible for restoring balance to agricultural soils (crop roots) in a stable form with a long shelf life.


While our manufacturing process is proprietary, it is important to note that it is lengthy – taking several months from start to the final bottled products.


Containing a proprietary blend of beneficial plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), Unleash Root Inoculant works equally well in soil, soilless and hydroponic growing media promoting higher yields by:


  • Unlocking Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Micronutrients
  • Increasing Nutrient Availability for healthier and stronger plants
  • Improving Resistance to Abiotic Stress

See the Results: Unleash Case Studies

root inoculant and biostimulant


From March 2019 through August 2019 a study was done with a major almond grower to test the effect of Unleash™ treatment on almond production on 5 acres of young four-year-old Independence almond trees in the San Joaquin Valley of California

root inoculant and biostimulant


In November 2011, a team from Unleash™ met banana farmers at Kibbutz Ginosar, located on the banks of the Sea of Galilee, and the parties reached agreement on the terms of a test.

root inoculant and biostimulant


In this report, the ability of Unleash™ to affect red beet yields on a commercial farm in Israel is presented.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Cabernet Franc Vineyard

A grower with a 30 hectare vineyard in Israel did a trial to determine the effectiveness of Unleash™ for both grape yield and quality.

root inoculant and biostimulant


From September 2017 through November 2017 a study was done with a Cannabis grower located in Salinas, CA to test the effect of Unleash™ root inoculant treatment on THC levels on Cannabis varietal “Mango”.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Chili Peppers

In 2013, Mr. Dudi Koren of Kibbutz Shoval, Israel, agreed to conduct a trial of Unleash™ on the kibbutz’ chili pepper (paprika) field. The full size of the chili pepper field is 600 dunam (approx. 150 acres).

root inoculant and biostimulant

Del Monte Melons

Monosporascus cannonballus (Crown Blight) is the most damaging root pathogen for melons in the Southwest United States.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Krug Vineyard

Unleash™ treatment resulted in restoring the Brix content to an average of 26, well above the target threshold of 24 required for wine production.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Naturipe Strawberries

From December 2016 through August 2017 a study was done with Naturipe Farms to test the effect of Unleash™ treatment on strawberry production on 4.7 acres of a farm in the Salinas area of California.

root inoculant and biostimulant


Peach trees are a major fruit crop in Israel, and grow well in low rainfall areas. In 2014, Mr. Dror Almagor of Bizaron Farm, Israel, agreed to conduct a trial of Unleash™ on the kibbutz’ peach trees.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Sun World Grapes

In 2018 a study was done by a major table grape grower to test the effect of Unleash™ treatment and compare it with two other products.

root inoculant and biostimulant

Sweet Potatoes

On April, 2012 it was agreed to do a trial with Unleash™ on a four dunam (4,000 square meters) field at Ozer Farm, in the Gan Sh’muel area in Israel.

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