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Irrigation system cleaner

A Microbial Irrigation System Cleaner for Hydroponic and Conventional Systems – No More Clogged Lines or Emitters! 

BioFilm Buster Pro is an all-natural, OMRI Certified irrigation system cleaner that uses bio-enzymes and effective microbes to restore irrigation systems to full capacity. Say goodbye to clogged lines, while preventing future clogs!

We treated 1,752 linear ft of 1/2 in line on 11/5/18. Flush went great and lines are working like new as of two weeks.  We are still getting chunks out of the line. We then treated another 1,752 linear ft on 11/12/18 and everything went great. 

Gevin Gros

Greenhouse Manager, Heartland Industries

When used correctly, BioFilm Buster Pro is a well formulated product and a time and resource saver. We have found if we add BioFilm Buster Pro when we notice the “line boogers” starting to build up, we have a significant decrease in line and emitter clogs saving us precious labor to re-allocate elsewhere.” 

Joe Hubly

General Manager, Lester Farms

BioFilm Buster Pro seems to be one of the only things that breaks up our build up. We’ve added several inline disc filters downstream to catch the buildup before our drippers. We feel the product plays an integral role in our drip line preventative maintenance SOP.

Keenan Mahoney

Director of Cultivation, Nature's Remedy Massachusetts

greenhouse irrigation management

Clearing Irrigation System Lines and Emitters
Has Never Been Easier or More Natural

  • All-in-one bioenzyme treatment for maintaining hydroponic and conventional irrigation systems
  • Can be used throughout the growing season and is safe for plants
  • Compatible with both tank and injector application systems
  • Removes both BioFilm-based clogs and mineral-based deposits
  • Restores your hydroponic and conventional irrigation system to 100% capacity
  • Using BioFilm Buster Pro every two weeks prevents irrigation line clogs before they form
  • Application is easy and is designed to work with hydroponic and conventional irrigation systems
  • BioFilm Buster Pro works on irrigation system pipes, drip lines and tape
  • Rapidly cleans out hydroponic and nutrient water reservoir accumulations

Mega-Irrigation supplier, AutoPot Water Systems UK, recently reviewed Unleash Organics’ BioFilm Buster Pro. Their specialist, Jason Ralph-Smith, put our product through rigorous testing and BioFilm Buster Pro had “perfect” results. Watch the video below to hear how Biofilm Buster Pro performed. We couldn’t ask for a better endorsement!

How Does BioFilm Buster Pro Irrigation System Cleaner Work?

What causes irrigation line clogs?

A biofilm clog is the slimy layer made by bacteria after they attach to a surface and grow.

Irrigation lines are cool and damp, providing perfect conditions for biofilms and other clogs to form. When water mixed with fertilizer runs through an irrigation line, this mixture carries small nutrient particles and microbes that settle when the system is turned off.

The microbes then begin to attach to the irrigation line, with the fertilizer nutrients acting as food to these microbes so they will begin to grow.

Every time the irrigation line is used, this process repeats itself, until eventually the microbes form a biofilm clog large enough to block the line or emitters.

How does BioFilm Buster Pro actually work?

Biofilm clogs are resistant to most chemical treatments, making them difficult to remove and quick to re-form after treatment.

This resistance to chemical treatment is due to the thick and sludgy consistency of biofilm clogs, making them difficult for chemicals to penetrate. This limits chemical treatments to the surface of the biofilm only.

BioFilm Buster Pro’s bio-enzymes are the solution to this problem, actively digesting all biofilm layers and restoring your system to 100% capacity.

Natural vs. Chemical: What are the advantages of using BioFilm Buster Pro over chemical treatments?

Unlike harsh chemical treatments, BioFilm Buster Pro won’t damage your plants or soil, or any part of your irrigation system.

You also will have no need to flush your system after treatment as extended exposure is completely harmless.

BioFilm Buster Pro and Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are especially prone to creating irrigation system biofilm clogs. This is because the all-natural ingredients in organic fertilizers contain a lot of organic solids and microbes that are perfect for biofilm creation.

Regular treatment with BioFilm Buster Pro will prevent these clogs before they form, keeping your irrigation lines, reservoir, and the rest of your system clean.

“As the vineyard manager for Charles Krug Winery, located in the Napa Valley, I had the opportunity to use BioFilm Buster Pro on our holding ponds and pipes.


BioFilm Buster Pro reduced sludge and organic material in our pipes and kept our sump pump running without getting clogged. In my previous experience the pump’s filters would get clogged repeatedly, which was a real problem for us.


We are still discovering additional benefits of using BioFilm Buster Pro and will be using it again this year.”



Joe Martinez, Charles Krug Winery

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