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Everything You Wanted to Know About Our Microbial Irrigation Line Cleaner

1. What is BioFilm Buster Pro?

BioFilm Buster Pro is a bio-enzyme irrigation line cleaner that works to remove and prevent clogged irrigation systems. This bio-enzyme product contains living organisms that can do a range of activities, with a final outcome of being highly effective at removing irrigation line clogs and build-up.

2. What is a “biofilm”?

A biofilm is made when a microbe attaches to a surface such as an irrigation line or emitter, makes a sticky substance, and starts to colonize this surface. The biofilm will then grow until it gets large enough to clog the irrigation line. Biofilms are extremely resistant to removal by most treatment products.

3. Why do irrigation lines get clogged?

Irrigation line clogs commonly form when microbes from common soil additives – such as compost tea and many fertilizers – attach to irrigation line walls and begin to grow. Fertilizer nutrients serve as food for the microbes, resulting in a biofilm that clogs the irrigation line or emitter. Scale or mineral clogs can also occur, particularly when hard water is present.

4. How does BioFilm Buster Pro remove irrigation line clogs?

BioFilm Buster Pro is made up of beneficial microbes that specialize in rapidly breaking down the organic solid materials that make up most irrigation line clogs – including biofilm-based clogs.

5. How long does it take for BioFilm Buster Pro to clear irrigation line clogs?

BioFilm Buster Pro begins to work as soon as it’s applied, breaking down and removing clogs within 8 hours.

6. How does BioFilm Buster Pro prevent irrigation line clogs? How is this different than clearing already clogged lines?

BioFilm Buster Pro will actively break down and remove all accumulations inside your irrigation lines and emitters, including those that are not yet large enough to completely clog the line. One reason prevention is important is that these small biofilm accumulations can actively “shed” microbes which will then make new biofilms throughout your irrigation system, resulting in several clogs being formed.

7. Can I use BioFilm Buster Pro to treat my irrigation system during the growing season?

Yes, Biofilm Buster Pro can be used throughout the growing season. As mentioned on the BioFilm Buster Pro science page, BioFilm Buster Pro’s beneficial soil bacteria will not harm your soil or plants. Unlike chemical treatments, BioFilm Buster is completely safe and non-toxic.

8. Why is BioFilm Buster Pro irrigation line cleaner superior to acid/peroxide or other chemical irrigation line treatment products?

Biofilms have a thick and sludgy consistency, making them resistant to chemical treatments as these chemicals cannot penetrate past the biofilm surface. BioFilm Buster Pro’s active bio-enzyme mixture breaks down and “digests” the organic solid materials in the biofilm clog. Additionally, BioFilm Buster Pro will not damage plants or soil.

9. How often should I use BioFilm Buster Pro?

We recommend using BioFilm Buster Pro anytime irrigation lines or emitter clogs are formed. For preventative treatment, we recommend using BioFilm Buster Pro after any major fertilizer addition.

10. How do I apply BioFilm Buster Pro irrigation line cleaner?

BioFilm Buster can be applied using an injector, or by directly adding to your water tank or reservoir.

11. Does BioFilm Buster Pro help remove algae clogs?

BioFilm Buster Pro will break down algae-based biofilms, but will not kill or eliminate algae, as BioFilm Buster Pro is non-toxic. Because algae need sunlight to grow, it cannot directly grow inside irrigation lines so if you find algae-based clogs in your system, we recommend installing a filter into the irrigation lines, as the algae is coming from your water source. To prevent algae growth in your water source, we recommend treatment of your system with AquaBella.

12. Will BioFilm Buster Pro clean my reservoir tank?

BioFilm Buster Pro will remove sludge and any other accumulations in your reservoir tank. Simply add BioFilm Buster Pro to your tank as directed on the label.

13. Will BioFilm Buster Pro solve irrigation line emitter clogs?

BioFilm Buster Pro rapidly clears clogged irrigation line emitters, minimizing the need for replacement. In fact, our in-house Quality Control assay specifically tests for the ability of BioFilm Buster Pro to clear irrigation line emitters partially submerged in soil.

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