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Unleash & Biofilm Buster Pro Bottles

The Best Plant Biostimulant and Irrigation Line Cleaning Products for Growers 


Unleash Organics has partnered with the soil, soilless and hydroponic farming communities for over a decade to give growers an edge over the competition.

Our proprietary microbe-based plant and irrigation solutions use naturally occurring bacteria to clean irrigation lines and produce healthier stronger plants with higher yields.

Click below for more information about Unleash – our plant biostimulant; and Biofilm Buster Pro – our OMRI-certified irrigation system cleaner.

Line Cleaners


Microbial Root Innoculant

Our microbial root inoculant combines proven methods with cutting-edge growing technology, enabling farmers to unleash the full potential of their nutrient program.



Clears Irrigation Line & Emitter Clogs

Single solution for clearing clogs from your irrigation system that is non-harmful to plants and can be used throughout the growing season.

Our Vision: Create the Best Microbial Solutions and Biostimulants

Unleash Organics believes that fewer chemicals and cleaner water make for better farming.

Our founders created the company in 2008 to provide a socially responsible alternative to the current methods being used in agriculture.

We envisioned a profound revolution in the agriculture industry by replacing chemicals with natural inputs while maintaining healthy and higher yields.

Today, we have realized that vision through our lines of environmentally friendly microbial solutions and plant biostimulants.


Our team of scientists remains focused on creating all-natural environmentally friendly microbial solutions and plant stimulants with the following benefits:

  • Increase crop yields with environmentally friendly solutions
  • Boost sustainability and long-term fertility of agricultural land
  • Restore irrigation systems to full working capacity using an organic solution that is safe for plants and soil
  • Cost-effective returns for natural increases in yield and plant health
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