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As a member of both the Cannabis and General Agriculture Communities, Unleash Organics is dedicated to sharing resources for best business practices with our customers.


Last week, we attended a helpful webinar put on by HUB International, a risk management company that has a dedicated Cannabis division. We wanted to pass along some of the things that we learned in the webinar, as well as provide our community with a link to the webinar.


With the growing legalization of Cannabis, combined with the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions in the industry, Cannabis business owners tend to overlook the connection between risk management and profitability. Regardless of what kind or size of business you run in the Cannabis industry, you need to be aware of the potential workplace accidents and costly claims that can be avoided through some best practices and key risk management strategies.


The HUB International Webinar we attended covered the following:

1. Post-Pandemic: How will the current and upcoming trends in the cannabis industry affect growers’ businesses?
2. How to implement a comprehensive risk management strategy and complying with OSHA requirements.
3. Essential insurance coverages to keep your cannabis business protected as the industry evolves.


If you want to learn more about risk management for your Cannabis business, check out the HUB Webinar below:


If you’re not familiar with Unleash Organics’ general agriculture and Cannabis farming solutions, please check out the Unleash Root Inoculant and our irrigation line and emitter cleaner, BioFilm Buster Pro.

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