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Unleash Your Plants’ Maximal Growth Potential
With Cutting Edge Biostimulant Biotechnology


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Hydroponic, Cannabis, and Hemp farmers have trusted Unleash Root Inoculant to maximize the quality, yield, and potency of their crops for over a decade!

Unleash Root Inoculant is the most effective way to unlock the full spectrum of your nutrients while boosting your plant’s immune system! Read more to find out why!

A Biostimulant With Unparalleled Returns on Investment

Unleash Root Inoculant is the industry’s most cost-effective root inoculant. Typically giving cannabis growers 1000% ROI, the secret to our success lies in the potency and efficacy of our proprietary microbe formula. Our team of scientists discovered the formula while studying natural microbe-plant root interactions, and later perfected it in a joint effort with Isareli scientists. The result is a highly concentrated formula that captures a wide range of essential rhizosphere activities ensuring maximal plant health.

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Unleash Root Inoculant Product Benefits


  • Establishes beneficial soil microbial populations, increasing root-zone biological activity
  • Promotes Nitrogen and Potassium availability, as well as Nitrogen fixation
  • Unlocks Phosphates for enhanced bud development
  • Unlocks micronutrients and makes them available to the plants
  • Effective in all growing environments, including: soil, soilless, and hydroponic systems
  • Safe to use with compost teas, fertilizers, and other soil additives
  • Substantially increases plant nutrient uptake resulting in:
    • Improved cannabinoid and terpene profile development
    • Increased stem strength and leaf coloration
    • Increased tolerance to abiotic stress
    • Increased size, yield, aroma and flavor of flower and fruit

Farmer Testimonials

Here’s what cannabis and hydroponic growers are saying about their results using Unleash Organics’ plant biostimulant!

roo inoculant

To our surprise, Unleash was able to increase the THC in our Mango strain by 39%, and the THC in the Koffee strain increased by 35%.” 

Brandon de Young

Grower, Indus

We have some good news! The two hoods of Sunset Sherbet were cut down today. I have the wet weight of both hoods and the hood with UNLEASH came out to 3 pounds heavier than the hood without the UNLEASH. Congrats on the win!

Giovani Garcia

Garden Manager, Canna Culture Collective

 Very happy with Unleash Root Inoculant. Seeing a large increase in cannabinoids throughout two varieties of hemp. One hemp variety increased from 4% CBD to 8%, one variety from 8% up to 14-16%.” 

Reagan Bush

Greenhouse Manager, Zapata Gold Hemp

I did a control test on 35 of my plants and found out that the buds were thicker and heavier. We had less air buds and the flowering time was cut down, meaning the plants matured more rapidly. Until now, I felt that my compost tea is so perfect. However to my excitement with Unleash, I got over 25 percent increase in weight, which translates into significant more product.

An additional benefit was cutting down on trim time, which also saved time and the product was more impressive. Same results, everything working like new. 


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