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Problems With Clogged Irrigation Lines and Emitters?

Give BioFilm Buster Pro eight hours to restore clogged irrigation systems to 100% efficiency with our completely organic solution!

Take the BioFilm Buster Pro challenge without interrupting your growing season!

Unlike chemical and acid treatments, Biofilm Buster Pro irrigation systems cleaner can be used during all stages of the growing season. The solution is a completely safe and non-toxic treatment that won’t harm soil and plants and guarantees results fast.


BioFilm Buster Pro is an OMRI Certified all-in-one irrigation systems solution offering hydroponic, cannabis, & hemp growers a natural drip line cleaner that:


Breaks down biofilm buildup and restores your irrigation system and emitters to 100% capacity

Rapidly cleans out hydroponic and nutrient water reservoir accumulations

Can be used during all stages of the growing season, unlike solutions such as chemicals and acids

When used as part of a maintenance schedule, will prevent irrigation line and emitter clogs

Is compatible with both tank and injector application system

Is easy to apply and designed to work with all irrigation systems including drip lines, tape, and pipes

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

Here’s what hydroponic farmers and greenhouse managers are saying about Unleash Organics’ BioFilm Buster Pro!

We treated 1,752 linear ft of 1/2 in line on 11/5/18. Flush went great and lines are working like new as of two weeks.  We are still getting chunks out of the line. We then treated another 1,752 linear ft on 11/12/18 and everything went great.

Same results, everything working like new. 

Gevin Gros

Greenhouse Manager, Heartland Industries

…When used correctly, Bio Buster Pro is a well formulated product and a time and resource saver. We have found if we add Bio Buster Pro when we notice the “line boogers” starting to build up, we have a significant decrease in line and emitter clogs saving us precious labor to re-allocate elsewhere.” 

Joe Hubly

General Manager, Lester Farms

BioFilm Buster Pro seems to be one of the only things that breaks up our build up. We’ve added several inline disc filters downstream to catch the buildup before our drippers. We feel the product plays an integral role in our drip line preventative maintenance SOP.

Keenan Mahoney

Director of Cultivation, Nature’s Remedy Massachusetts

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

Find out why the hydroponic, cannabis, and hemp industries trust BioFilm Buster Pro to maintain their irrigation systems and emitters. It takes just 8 hours to bring your irrigation system up to 100% efficiency.

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